Singapore’s Leading Events Management Company

As a leading events management company in Singapore, Right-Space develops and organises extraordinary live events. From planning to execution, Right-Space sets the bar high, creating a dynamic experience that surpasses expectations.

In Every Space, You Will Find The Right Partner in Us

Our game changing ideas for the brands that work with us are fuelled by insights and informed by experience. We create a powerful connection between your brand and the people that matter most.

Events & Marketing

Right-Space is carving a bold new path for events marketing. No longer do we create an event around a campaign or product. At Right Space, we develop remarkable events that go deeper. Events that resonate with the people that matter.

Design & Production

A vital part of the design process is 3D visualisation. We provide high quality visual renderings using the latest design software to give a more realistic and scaled preview to help you better visualise the final product before we build it.

Still unsure with what we can give you?